Nokia’s acquisition of social media sharing Web site Twango marks another milestone in the handset majors move to capitalize on the proliferation of media on the Web. Already, the N series phones have been branded as Multimedia PCs. This latest move provides more impetus to on the move anytime, anywhere computing.

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“The Twango acquisition is a concrete step towards our Internet services vision of providing seamless access to information, entertainment, and social networks – at anytime, anywhere, from any connected device, in any way that you choose,” commented Anssi Vanjoki, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Multimedia, Nokia.

The move puts more options in the hands of people to share and manage videos, music, and documents. Twango is a Washington, Redmond-based start-up, founded by ex-Microsofites.

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These are indeed testing times for companies deeply associated with Telecom. Computer firms have been steadily encroaching into erstwhile telecoms space (Google planning to bid for spectrum, Apple launching the iPhone). Don’t you feel it’s high time that telecom giants also ate into the pie of Internet-based services?