Nokia, the Finnish mobile giant, has made significant announcements that are directly targeted at Apple’s iPhone and music service iTunes. Under the “Ovi” brand, a range of mobile and fixed Internet services are being launched that include music, games, and GPS navigation.

A quote from Nokia chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo in the article at

“We started this journey with our navigation services earlier this year and we are now combining all our services into a single branded offering. Over the coming 12 months, you will see us integrate new user interface elements, service suites, and Web communities to Ovi.”

Nokia will be introducing Nokia Music Stores, Nokia Maps, and Nokia Engage services under the Ovi brand, providing single account access to users. Kallasvuo also mentioned that Nokia had no qualms in copying innovative UI designs such as those in the iPhone. The Ovi services will be live at the end of this year.

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The signs are clear. Just yesterday, I wrote about how the traditional mobile phones makers were lagging behind certain dynamic newcomers in the mobile industry. Nokia seems to be declaring an all out war on Internet companies by re-branding itself as an Internet services firm. With the acquisition of Tango, a social networking site, and with the announcement that the online music service will deliver music in WMA format, is Nokia certain to make a big difference in the domain of converging services ?