Not your average telecommute: These backyard office pods and workstations raise the bar on remote work

From geometric backyard office pods to unique indoor solutions, these personal workspaces are made for the age of the telecommute.


Image: Hello Wood

In recent months, millions of people have transitioned from the traditional workplace to the home office due to the coronavirus pandemic. At the same time, many schools are also operating in remote capacities, meaning households around the country are now serving as virtual offices and remote classrooms. As a result, the personal home workspace market is currently brimming with creative backyard office pods and compact indoor models. Below, we've listed seven of our favorite personal home workspace solutions on the market.

Hello Wood Workstation Cabin

backyard office pod

Image: Hello Wood

Budapest-based Hello Wood Studio's Workstation Cabin is a geometric backyard design solution for the modern telecommute. The Workstation Cabin is "delivered turnkey," according to the studio with about 100 square feet in net floor area. Inside, the module measures 14 feet in length by 11 feet wide and just under 12 feet tall. Those so inclined may incorporate additional features including mood lighting, wireless network capabilities, sound system, air-conditioning, and more.

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Image: kitHAUS

kitHAUS offers a wide range of modules for both home office and recreational needs. The module depicted above is the K3. The K3 series starts with 81 square feet with up to 169 square feet available. Pricing for the K3 series starts at $27,000.



Image: Buhaus

The modern private office space depicted above is a product of the Malibu, California based company Buhaus. The exterior is available in platinum, rustern, and black, and interior options include light oak, warm oak, and black stained. There's also a Murphy extension available to accommodate a desk or a couch depending on one's preference. Buhaus modules come with an "all-inclusive price of $96,000," although this price tag does not include shipping, according to the company's website.

Plús Hús

backyard office pod

Image: Plús Hús

The Plús Hús Open model boasts 320 square feet of space enclosed by a glass sliding door and three walls and pricing starts at $47,000. The Open+ includes a built-in bathroom as well for $52,000. The full-sized model features a bathroom and a kitchen for $59,000. However, the prices listed on the company's website do not include "site planning, permitting, or contracting services."

Yard pods

backyard office pod

Image: YardPod

The Turnkey YardPod featured above includes 120 square feet of interior workspace and can be fitted with either a flat or sloped roof depending on the buyer's preferences. For the time being, the Turnkey YardPods are only available in the North Bay and portions of the East San Francisco Bay area, according to the company. Pricing starts at $28,000 for customers in the North Bay area at the moment.

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Panasonic home office

Image: Panasonic

For those looking for an alternative to pricier backyard office pods, there are also many economical indoor workstation solutions on the market. Last month, a number of organizations reported on a new Panasonic cubicle-esque product designed for home workspaces. The Komoru cubicle desk offers approximately one square meter of private workspace and costs about $835, according to sister site CNET.

Pia Living


Image: Pia Living

A Japanese company recently unveiled a personal home workspace known as the Otegaru. The unit is akin to a workspace inside of a phonebooth and pricing starts at about $1,800. The model is crafted using soundproof materials and is capable of reducing noise levels by up to 15 decibels, according to sister site CNET.

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