Novel Bits founder Mohammed Afaneh spoke with TechRepublic’s Alison DeNisco Rayome at the Indiana IoT Lab to discuss his advice to IoT developers seeking a career in the field. You can watch the video above, or read the transcript below.

Mohammed Afaneh:So a lot of people may be interested and intrigued by the concept of internet of things, IoT. Maybe they want to create their own device or they just want to use it as a hobby at home. But at some point, maybe they’re interested in taking that to the next level and maybe creating a company, starting a company where they build this product and bring it to market.

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In particular, going from being a maker, a hobbyist to a developer that develops products for mass production and for being introduced into the market for the consumers. There’s a big gap and to address that gap and be able to bridge that gap, I recommend that if you’re interested in a specific technology for example, maybe start learning using it and developing for it on a raspberry pie or on an Arduino, something that’s very easy to start working with and cheap.

But then when you want to make the transition, go and start learning more about the technology from traditional maybe books or E-books online. Get deeper into that. But really the thing that’s gonna make the biggest difference is to actually go by a development kit, something from a manufacturer of the chip set that may be uses that wireless technology or whatever technology that you want to use in your IoT device, and start playing around and start just writing programs, testing out different ideas there, without getting your hands dirty with development kits and being able to actually program on these devices.

It’s gonna be very difficult to go from something like you would do as a hobbyist and make that into a career or going into developing your own hardware device.