By now, even the staunchest NetWare customer has to be concerned about the latest financial results from Novell. As the chart shows, both revenue and profits were down sharply in the latest quarter from the same period last year. This has caused another round of rumors about the company’s future, as well as the announcement of another round of layoffs from the Provo, UT-based software company.

We want to know what impact, if any, this has on your thinking. To find out, we have designed a quick survey, just for Novell customers. If your organization uses any Novell products (NetWare, NDS, GroupWise, or something else), please take this survey. We’ll report the results in a future article.
Take our brief survey on what Novell’s struggles mean to you, and you might just win a free TechRepublic coffee mug. We’ll publish the results of the survey in a future article.