In our latest series of Daily Drill Downs, Ron Nutter has been introducing you to Novell’s ZENworks 2.0. If you’ve been following the series, you know that ZENworks 2.0 gives you the ability to distribute applications easily and to work with your users’ desktops, among other things. As you can imagine, software as powerful as ZENworks 2.0 doesn’t ship 100 percent bug free. If you work with ZENworks 2.0 on your network, you should apply Novell’s Range Of Days patch.

What is it and where can I get it?
The ZENworks 2.0 Range Of Days patch fixes a Y2K problem with ZENworks 2.0. This problem manifests itself after the New Year but only appears on the first Saturday of every month. When you schedule a distribution of an application to your users and select Today under Range Of Days in the Application Object, you’ll see a date 01/01/70 instead of the current date. If you click OK, it will place the improper date in the Start and End Date fields. If you don’t click on the Today button, the date will show correctly after you click OK.

To obtain the ZENworks 2.0 Range Of Days patch, go to Novell’s Support Web Site and download the ZW2P1.EXE file. It is a self-extracting executable that contains all of the files you’ll need to fix the problem. Since ZW2P1.EXE is only 1,747,263 bytes long, it won’t take very long to download.

Unlike NetWare Support Packs that you install from the server, ZW2P1.EXE patches must be installed to your server from your administrative workstation. To install the patch, copy it to a temporary directory and run ZW2P1.EXE to extract the patch files that it contains. Next, copy the following files from the directories listed on your server’s SYS volume to a backup directory or floppy disk:

  • ·        SYS:PUBLIC\WIN95\APPSNP95.DLL

Now, make sure that you aren’t running NetWare Administrator on your administrative workstation. Since you’re about to replace files that NetWare Administrator uses, you may cause errors if NetWare Administrator is running.

Finally, in the temporary directory, where you extracted the ZW2P1.EXE files, type xcopy *.* d:\PUBLIC\*.* /s where d: is the drive letter to which you’ve mapped your SYS volume. You may be prompted to overwrite the files. Go ahead and overwrite the files by pressing Y. You may be notified that the files are marked Read-Only. You can remove the Read-Only attribute for the files that are using the DOS Attrib command by typing attrib filename.exe –r.

You don’t need to shut down the server or do anything else. When you restart NetWare Administrator and attempt to redistribute the application, everything should display and work properly.

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