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Novell updates for Windows
Late last week, Novell released a client update for the Windows NT and Windows 2000 platforms. The file, contxlgn.exe, addresses the issue of a contextless login window being displayed prior to the GUI login.

Novell also released CONTXLGN.EXE, which addresses the same problem in the Windows 9x platform.

More information on the login updates can be found on Novell’s site .

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-002)
Redmond has released a patch eliminating a security vulnerability in the Microsoft Word utility that converts Word 5 Japanese, Korean, and Chinese documents to more recent formats. Without the patch, the vulnerability could allow arbitrary code to be executed on a machine opening a specially modified Word 5 document using an affected version of the utility.

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-004)
Another security bulletin, another patch. MS00-004 addresses a vulnerability in Windows NT 4 Terminal Server Edition. One of the platform’s utilities creates a temporary file during execution that can contain security-sensitive information. However, access to the file isn’t properly restricted. As a result, malicious users could read it as it’s being created.

You’ll find more information about the security bulletin, the problem it addresses, and the patch on Microsoft’ssite .

Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS00-006)
A two-for-one special, MS00-006 addresses a couple of holes in Microsoft Index Server. The first vulnerability could allow malicious users to view files on a Web server, while the second hole could reveal where Web directories are physically located.

The bulletin and patch information are available here .

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