A host of NetWare client bugs have been corrected for Windows NT and Windows 95/98. This week, Novell released Novell Client v3.1 for Win 95/98 Service Pack 2 and Novell Client v4.6 for Win NT Service Pack 2.

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Among the issues addressed with the Windows 95/98 fix are:

  • GPF closes dial-up session after suspend.
  • Can’t send e-mail via IPX/IP GW in Nwclient 3.
  • Password synchronization between NetWare and Microsoft networking fails.

Bugs corrected with the service pack for Windows NT include the following:

  • Web-based CBT fails with IPX/IP gateway.
  • Login to NDS and AutoAdminLogin to Windows NT fails.

Both service packs can be downloaded from Novell:

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