Novell has shifted from using ReiserFS to ext3 as its default file system for new installations of Suse Linux Enterprise Server.

The move has been put down to ‘customer demand’–Jeff Mahoney of Suse Labs said “There are a number of problems with (ReiserFS), some purely technical, some more related to maintenance”. It’s rather an extraordinary coincidence that this decision follows the recent arrest of Hans Reiser (the founder of Namesys and main developer of ReiserFS) on suspicion of murdering his wife (and mother of two) Nina Reiser. Oakland Deputy Police Chief Howard Jordan said “We believe that based on circumstantial evidence, as well as statements and other evidence, that Hans Reiser murdered Nina Reiser. We feel very strongly that the D.A. will file charges against him and that we will prosecute him with or without a body.”

Alexander Lyamin a ReiserFS programmer commented on Wednesday saying “Yes, we are rather shaken and stressed at moment; although I cannot say we didn’t see it coming,”.

With the uncertainty now surrounding the future of ReiserFS it’s not surprising that Novell have decided to switch to something a little more stable.