It was just a matter of time before rebellious teenage students took incriminating footage of a teacher and posted it on YouTube. Check out this news story: “Video of teacher rant gets students in trouble.”

According to the story, “Two 13-year-old girls have been suspended for their involvement in the incident at Ecole Secondaire Mont-Bleu… And the teacher has taken a stress leave from work. The teacher was purposely provoked by one of the girls into yelling at her while the other girl secretly taped the scene… Exactly what kind of device was used to record the event was undisclosed.”

I’m sure that this incident has raised a few eyebrows, because who wouldn’t want to capture someone blowing a gasket on video and then post it for the world to see? At the very least, it can be evidence when someone behaves inappropriately. (Seriously, how many people would have believed those teenagers that their teacher had anger management issues if they didn’t have the clip to prove it?)

I feel very fortunate that my manager is a cool guy, so I don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. However, there are some people who may want to invest in a webcam or camera phone so that the green light is ready when the next managerial rant (or coworker, or client, or spouse) begins. After all, one picture has an amazing way of speaking a thousand words…