Technologia, TechRepublic’s unofficial official guild in the World of Warcraft, continues to grow. As the average level of the players has increased so has our participation in instanced dungeon runs. These trips into the higher-level end-game areas have increased the general overall riches of the guild membership. It has also been a heck of a lot of fun too.

But you don’t have to take my word for it, now you can check the progress of our friendly little guild online at the World of Warcraft Amory Web site. It is still in beta so there may be some sluggishness in the response, but if you can wait for it you will find all kinds of juicy details about each Technologia character. Want to know what axe Bonky is wielding these days — it is in there. Want to see what risky hybrid talent combination Elkwinkarma has been using — that’s in there too.

Elk ProfileFor the first time, you can actually get an in depth look at the various characters we have assembled in Technologia. Perhaps it may even inspire you to join us in our quest for fun in the World of Warcraft. Technologia has an open invitation out for any member of TechRepublic — join us on the Horde side for some camaraderie and some MMORPG good times. Just send a whisper to one of the guild officers and we’ll send you an invite.