Two open-source software giants, Tor and Python, announced that their first New York City offices would use space on the New York University Tandon School of Engineering campus in Brooklyn.

The Tor Project and Python Software Foundation said their new home at 370 Jay Street had been donated by NYU and was part of a newly renovated building designed specifically for engineering and applied sciences programs.

“We are proud to welcome staffers and contributors from two organizations whose work symbolizes some of the most important virtues of scientific discovery and development — access, collaboration, and community,” said NYU Tandon Dean Jelena Kovačević in a press release.

“Both the Tor Project and Python Software Foundation are stewards of open-source technologies that have profoundly changed the digital landscape, and giving their researchers a home on our campus supports their work and encourages ongoing collaborations with our students and faculty,” Kovačević said in the release.

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In a statement, the school noted that a number of graduates have gone on to work for both nonprofits, including NYU Tandon Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering Justin Cappos.

Cappos recently teamed up with researchers at both Tor and Python to work on The Update Framework, which assists developers with upkeep of the security of a software update system, especially against hackers attempting to compromise repositories or signing keys.

“We thank NYU for its generosity, not only in providing work space for our staffers and contractors, but for serving as a venue for Python sprint meetings and other events,” said Ewa Jodlowska, executive director of Python Software Foundation, in a press release

“Our packaging tools maintainers look forward to collaborating with Center for Cybersecurity faculty and students,” she added.

Tor Project communications director Stephanie Whited thanked NYU for donating the space and said it would go toward their continued efforts to protect online privacy.

“Each contribution is valuable to millions of people around the world who rely on Tor for privacy and freedom online,” she said in the release.

Image: iStock/Getty Images