October DVD competition

If you could read peoples thoughts what would you do with your power and why? If you can answer that question you could win a dvd pack

Hopscotch films and Builder AU have partnered to offer Builder AU members the opportunity to win one of five double DVD packs including the DVDs Killing Zoe and Peep Show - Series 1.

To win one of these DVD’s simply send and email to competitions@builderau.com.au with subject line Builder AU October DVD competition answering, in 25 words or less, this question:
If you could read peoples thoughts what would you do with your power and why?

The entries judged best by the Builder AU editorial team will be awarded the prizes. This Promotion ends on 2nd November 2007, with winners announced 9th November 2007.

Due to both titles being rated R (restricted) entrants must be of 18 years and over to participate in the promotion.

Full terms and conditions for this promotion.

Below is the spiel for just what these titles are about.

Killing Zoe

From the creators of Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction, Killing Zoe is a fast-paced, visually exciting, crime thriller set in Paris. A Bastille Day bank robbery spirals violently out of control and leads to a hostage situation. Killing Zoe is at once a crime film, a love story and a gripping psychological thriller; Avary probes deep into Zed’s distorted world, producing a disturbing portrayal of the twenty-something generation.

Peep Show - Series 1

Peep Show is the innovative British comedy series seen through the eyes of the core characters, Mark and Jez, two men in their late twenties. In an inventive twist, their inner thoughts and feelings can be heard - whether they are dark, stupid or embarrassingly over-blown.