Many professionals dream of having a personal assistant– someone to help with daily tasks such as scheduling and booking travel, and to help them keep their lives in order. For most, though, it’s only a pipe dream.

However, advances in mobile technology have gotten us a little closer to that dream with digital assistants as part of our smartphone operating systems. For Google users, that assistant is Google Now. The personal assistant is available via the verbal command “Ok Google…,” and displays information to the user in the form of “cards” for various applications.

Earlier this year, I highlighted 10 Google Now cards that professionals could use to get the most out of Google Now. At the end of April, Google announced it was working with new partners to bring 70 more cards to Google Now.

That’s a lot of new cards to sift through, and many won’t be relevant to your lifestyle. For professionals, here are the 10 most useful cards from the new lot.


Wunderlist is widely regarded as one of the best applications for creating lists. The Google Now card that integrates with Wunderlist will show you upcoming scheduled items at a glance, allowing you to stay on-top of the things you need to get done.

ABC News

During a busy day, it can be difficult to stay up to date on breaking news without taking time out of your day to browse news sites. Google Now has an ABC News card that will keep you informed about breaking news and current events. A mockup of the card reads “Because you’re following this story on ABC News,” which leads me to believe that the card will update you on topics you have chosen to follow.


Whether you live in a big city, or travel often, finding a quick set of wheels can be difficult. Zipcar is a membership service that allows you to reserve and “rent” cars at will around the country. The Zipcar card will notify you when your reservation is coming to an end and help you find and navigate to a drop-off location.


Indeed is a job listings website. The Indeed card on Google Now displays current job listings based on what you’ve searched for in the past. The card will also display job listings you saved on Indeed. A great resource if you are looking for a new gig.


Google Now is great for many aspects of business travel. Users can now get updates on trips they have booked through Cleartrip, an online travel booking service. For example, if you are traveling by train you can see your train number, the on-time status of the train, the previous station you left, and the next station you’ll hit.


Formerly known as GetTaxis, Gett bills itself as a black car service without price surging. The Google Now card for Gett will remind you to order a Gett and show you the estimated travel time back home. Users can also order a Gett directly from the card. is an app for lists, tasks, and reminders. Using the Google Now card, users are reminded of upcoming tasks directly on their device. From the card, users can choose to be reminded again later, or mark the task as completed.


Online reader app Feedly is another to join the ranks of Google Now integrations. One of the top readers for former Google Reader users, Feedly is an RSS reader that allows users a single place to aggregate their favorite sources and stories. With the Google Now card, users can stay updated with trending content.


The chaos of professional life means it’s easy for your mind to get jumbled after a while. Some people turn to the popular Lumosity site for brain games to keep their mind sharp. The Lumosity Google Now card will remind users to keep up with their lessons and tell them when the last day they trained was.


Podcasts are a great source of inspiration and market knowledge for professionals. The TuneIn Google Now card will recommend new podcasts for users based on their listening history and what podcasts they follow on TuneIn.

What do you think?

What Google Now cards are the most helpful for your work day?