Office 14 coming to testers

In this week's news Microsoft says the test version of Office 14 will be available soon, while Opera and Firefox battle security issues.

Microsoft confirmed this week that Office 14 will be made available to testers soon. The web-based versions of the suite are already being tested by a small group of people.

Also on the subject of Microsoft, testers have reported that Internet Explorer 8 can be turned off in Windows 7 test versions. Microsoft has been actively listening to business users especially, determined not to make the same mistakes with Windows 7 that it did with Vista.

In security news, Opera has released a patch for its browser version 9.64 and previous versions of Opera 9, after a flaw was discovered that could allow attacks to occur via JPEG images. Firefox 3.0.7 has also been released to address a number of critical security problems founds in Firefox 3.0.6.

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