We’ve all done it—clicked the wrong application icon and then had to wait while Windows loaded the application just so we could close it! It’s annoying and can even be a bit embarrassing if you have an audience. Office 2010 has a great new feature that eliminates the wait. You can cancel an application launch before Windows has a chance to load it.

Simply open an Office 2010 application. The splash window displays a Close button in the top-right corner! There’s also a Cancel button in the bottom-right corner. Click either one to cancel the launch immediately.

I recommend that you practice this one a few times, so the next time you open the wrong application, you’ll respond quickly. If you wait around for the right circumstances, you might nor remember it when you need it most.

If you have a new system, you might never see a splash screen at all, but that in itself eliminates your wait so you don’t need this feature. If you’re running Office 2010 on a slower system, you’ll probably appreciate this new feature as much as I do. I’m in and out of the Office applications all day and I open the wrong app more often than I care to admit.