When you delete or move an open message, Outlook returns to the Inbox by default. How can you get Outlook to open the next message for you instead?
Last week we asked…
“How can you force Excel to open a specific workbook?” You guys gave some terrific answers! Like nikki.e.vaughan, my favorite way to open a specific workbook is to double-click the workbook file instead of launching Excel. You can even create a shortcut for the file and save it to your Desktop, making access quick and easy! In Windows Explorer, right-click the Workbook in question and choose Create Shortcut from the resulting submenu. Windows will create the shortcut in the same directory. Right-click the shortcut (Windows will automatically select it for you), choose Send To, and then select Desktop. Then, simply double-click the shortcut on the Desktop to launch both Excel and the workbook. It couldn’t be easier!
However, there’s more than one to skin this cat…

  • PiGuy314 reminded us that you can configure Excel to open all files in a specific directory by choosing Options from the Tools menu, clicking the General Tab, and specifying a directory using the At Startup Open All Files In option. Whether you store one or several workbooks in the directory, Excel will open them when you launch. Be careful when you choose this option as Excel will attempt to open all files, not just Excel workbooks. In addition, it’ll cycle through any subfolders as well.
  • Mihamil suggested saving workbook files in the XLSTART directory — another excellent solution.
  • Mhbaum suggested using the Run command, which is a great tool that I forget about.