Word offers a number of predefined styles, and you can create your own. One way to apply a style is by choosing it from the Style control on the Formatting toolbar, which requires a couple of mouse clicks. Can you apply a style using the keyboard?
Last week we asked…
What’s the quickest way to create a task, contact, or calendar item from an email message in your Inbox? Pjroutledge was the first to respond correctly: Simply drag the message to the appropriate folder and Outlook will open the appropriate task, contact or calendar form with the appropriate fields already filled in. You’ll have to finish the task manually, but this quick drag and drop gives you a good start. It still works in versions 2007 and even 2010.
Lockhaca and MarciaAnn also provided the correct answer.

Sarahsdaughter mentioned that you can right-click the message to add the sender to your Contacts. This is true if the email message is open. Simply right-click the address in the To field and choose Add To Outlook Contacts. If the message isn’t open, drag it from the mail folder to the Contacts folder.

Pjroutledge asked if there’s a keyboard shortcut for this drag and drop task. Unfortunately, I don’t know of one — perhaps a member will share one.

Thanks to everyone for playing last week and be sure to take your chances with this week’s challenge.