By default, Office applications display hints, called ScreenTips, when you hover the mouse over an icon. For instance, if you hover the mouse over the Format Painter icon, the ScreenTip displays “Format Painter.” Many of these icons also have shortcut keys that you can use execute the task from the keyboard. How can you display an icon’s keyboard shortcut?

Last week we asked…

How do you position the cursor above a table in a Word document, when that table is the first thing in the document? Many of you responded with the answer I was looking for, but rcriswell was the first to respond: Press [Ctrl]+[Home] to position the cursor at the beginning of the table, and then press [Enter] to insert a new blank line and push the table or graphic down. A few of you knew other tricks for getting the job done:

  • warrior114: Press [Ctrl]+[Shift] and then press enter.
  • bkreamer: Select the table and then choose Split Table from the Table menu.
  • RayG314: Press PageUp and then press Enter. That works!
  • Falysi: Insert a page break.

Thanks to everyone for a great challenge!