Can you display a total in Datasheet view? How about in a filtered Datasheet? You can do both, but there’s more than one way — it just depends on your needs.

Last week, we asked:

How can you fill a Word document with random text?” Several of you replied quickly, and pbrowning@… was the first to respond with the most comprehensive solution: Use the RAND() and LOREM() functions.

To insert random data, type =RAND(p,l) into the document where you want to position the text and press [Enter]. The p argument specifies the number of paragraphs and l determines the number of lines in each paragraph. Word 2007 offers a more robust function, the LOREM(p,l) function, which enters pseudo-Latin sample text. This function’s arguments are the same as RAND()’s.

For a more comprehensive review of entering random sample text into a Word 2007, read