Pictures aren’t common in Excel workbooks. Inserting a picture into a sheet is easy enough, but can you display a picture in an Excel comment?
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How do you copy a style from one file to another? Instructions in Help aren’t clear enough, in my opinion. Here’s how you copy a style from one file to another:

  1. Open the file that contains the style you want to copy.
  2. Choose Templates And Add-Ins from the Tools menu.
  3. Click Close File below the In list.
  4. Click Open File and locate the document into which you want to paste the copied style. The feature defaults to a template (.dot), so be sure to change the file type if necessary.
  5. Click the style(s) you want to copy and click Copy.
  6. Word may prompt you to overwrite an existing style. Answer appropriately.
  7. Click Close when you’re done.

Thanks to nzimmerman67, vosa, and Darrylfor discussing the Organizer. A few of you mentioned the problems inherent to copying styles. In addition, I’m sympathetic to lmunday — styles are a confusing feature. If you plan to use the Organizer in 2007, considering adding it to the Quick Access Toolbar, as it isn’t on the Ribbon.