Most of you are probably familiar with the [Ctrl]+[Alt]+- keystroke combination that inserts an m-dash into a Word document. (That – sign is the minus sign on the numeric keypad; the minus sign on the regular keyboard won’t do.) Unfortunately, the combo doesn’t always work in PowerPoint—so how would you insert one of these dashes?

Last week we asked:

How would you provide reusable content for Outlook messages? That’s a big question and there are many ways to answer it! TexasJetter mentioned two built-in features: Add a signature line that’s included in all messages and using a custom form, complete with the shared content. L.m.zuelke uses signature lines for multiple blocks of content. Joaquim Amado Lopes suggested Quick Parts—a great way to have easy access to reusable content—and templates (one I didn’t think of when I posed the challenge). Several of you had a quick discussion about AutoCorrect, which is one of my favorite methods in all the Office applications. A few of you like to save reusable content in a Draft message, which is a creative solution for sure! It was a great challenge, as usual.

You covered a number of good solutions—if anyone has any trouble finding more information about reusable content, let me know and we’ll work through an example.