A new Outlook 2007 user called to complain that Outlook 2007 has a bug. She can’t find her appointments in Month view. Is she right–is it a bug or will she just have to do without viewing appointments in Month view?
Last week we asked…
How would you restrict users to a specific range in an Excel sheet? I liked all of the responses:

  • Tgullo suggested using the Data Validation feature, setting the whole sheet to accept nothing and then resetting the input range to accept anything. It’s quick and it works great.
  • LocoLobo and Russell suggested the Allow Users To Edit Ranges option.
  • Vijaykumanrdave suggested using Protection.

They’re all good suggestions and will get the job done. There’s another feature that no one mentioned—setting a Scroll Area. This method not only restricts data input, but keeps users from scrolling beyond the specified area. Here’s how it works:

  1. Display the Control Toolbox toolbar. (Choose Toolbars from the View menu, and check Control Toolbox.)
  2. Click the Properties button on the Control Toolbox.
  3. In the resulting Properties window, enter the input range as the Scroll Area setting.


  4. Close the Properties sheet and close the Control Toolbox toolbar.

Setting the Scroll Area to C3:I14, as shown above, will limit data input to only c3:I14. In addition, users can’t use arrow keys or scroll bar to move beyond that area on screen. Changing the Zoom factor will allow users to see a larger area of the sheet, but that will only get them so far.
It’s an obscure feature, I’ll admit, but that gives it a bit of appeal. Most users won’t know about it so won’t know how to undo it. Keep in mind that those that do know how, might—so it’s not a security feature by any means.