A user calls with the following complaint: table borders won’t print. They’re on screen, but they just won’t print. With just a quick bit of sleuthing, you’re able to discern the problem. What’s wrong and what do you tell your user to do?

Last week we asked…
What’s the quickest way to select the last cell to the right or bottom of a data range? You offered a number of great shortcuts, but I had a specific trick in mind. None of you mentioned the quick mouse trick that I had in mind, so here it is:

  • Double-click the right border of a cell to select the last used cell to the right.
  • Double-click a cell’s bottom border to select the last used cell below.

This trick only works for the right and bottom borders, but it’s still slick.
I’m sure many readers will be able to put your useful suggestions to good use. Thanks for playing along this week.