Last week, a user had an unusual request. Using the x of y page-numbering scheme in a sectioned document wasn’t working for her. She was able to restart the page number for the x component, but the y component continued to display the total number of pages in the document, not the section.

I’ll admit, this request required just a bit of sleuthing on my part-I didn’t have the answer! My first thought was to use a formula field based on the {PAGES} field, but that just seemed too hard. Surely this was a common problem with a built-in solution!

Tusharnene was the first to recommend the solution I hit on after reviewing the list of fields. There it was-{SECTIONPAGES}. Simply replace the default y component, which is the {PAGES} field with a {SECTIONPAGES} field. Ta-da!

Thanks for another great challenge.

For more information on page numbering in sections, read 10 steps to setting up page numbering in Word sections and Five tips for working beyond Word’s page-numbering basics.