Last week, I asked you to help a user with a page-numbering problem in a three-section document. The second and third sections both had a unique page-numbering scheme. When the user tried to delete the page number from the title page (section 1), Word removed all of the page numbers.

Cabo Wabo Addict was the first to respond with the most reliable solution (I thought)-break the link between the sections. To do so, select the header for section 2 and click the Link To Previous option in the Navigation group on the contextual Design tab. (In Word 2003, you’ll find this option on the Header/Footer toolbar. ) Once the link between the sections is broken, you can delete the page number field on the title page. Eljensen mentioned that you don’t have to delete the existing page numbering fields and start over as Cabo Wabo Addict suggested, and this is true. You can work with the existing fields.

Several  of you mentioned selecting the Different First Page option, which I admit, I hadn’t considered. It does seem to work! Can any of you think of any circumstances where this particular solution might prove troublesome?