Last week, we were looking for a quick and easy way to add values in a Word document, without resorting to a table and table formulas. It would be nice if Word displayed the sum in the Status bar, similar to Excel. Well, it does!

Msphoto was the first to mention the Calculate command, which is the solution I had in mind. It isn’t readily available, so some users don’t know about it. You can use Calculate to sum a series of values when you don’t need a more complicated solution, such as a table or linking to Excel. Fortunately, it’s easy to add the command to the QAT (or Quick Access Toolbar):

  1. Choose More Commands QAT dropdown.
  2. In the resulting dialog, choose All Commands from the Choose Commands From dropdown.
  3. Select Calculate from the resulting list.
  4. Click Add and then click OK. Word will add the command to the QAT.

If you’re using Word 2003, do the following to add the Tools Calculate command:

  1. Choose Customize from the Tools menu.
  2. Click the Commands tab and choose All Commands from the Categories list.
  3. Choose ToolsCalculate from the Commands list.
  4. Drag ToolsCalculate to the toolbar.

To use the Calculate (Tools Calculate) command, you’ll need a series of numbers. Simply separate values with a comma, select the values, and then click Calculate to display their sum in the Status bar (which temporarily usurps the other indicators). You can also press [Ctrl]+V to paste the sum into your document.