Office XP users who still haven’t downloaded and installed the last service pack (SP3) still can and should. Like most service packs, it includes security enhancements and other improvements. Now, if you have a resident IT or computer specialist who maintains your system, you probably don’t need to worry about this—they’ll take care of downloading and installing the updates that you need. If you’re on your own, consider downloading all updates automatically.

This update is large (they usually are) and will require about forty minutes or so:

If you haven’t downloaded and installed service packs 1 and 2, don’t worry—service pack 3 includes everything you need. If you don’t know whether you need this update, visit the Office Update site at

Most likely, the update’s going to ask you to insert your original Office CD’s, so have those ready before you begin. If you have the CD’s, download the smaller client version. If you don’t have the CD’s, download the full file version.

If you’re still using Access 2002, you may want to download this service pack. Read the following article for more information: