Mary Lou Jepsen left the OLPC project to start Pixel Qi, and she aims to bring to reality a sub-$100 laptop.

An excerpt from TechCrunch:

Jepsen explains her low-power, low-cost, green approach to computer design here and states that one of Pixel Qi’s goals is the creation of a $75 laptop. Some of you will recall that the original goal of OLPC was to create a $100 laptop, but that price was later hiked up to $176 and then $188 (if you want to donate a laptop on the OLPC site, it costs $200, with shipping). It seems a bit premature to announce a $75 laptop when we are still waiting for the $100 one. But it is not inconceivable that we will get there in 12 to 18 months.

The article also has an excerpt from Jepsen explaining her intent to go commercial and to drive down the cost of manufacturing these devices.

For now, Pixel Qi will be marketing the dual mode daylight readable screen for mobile devices.

While the OLPC project faces issues with the exit of Intel, it is heartening to see that technologies that went into the OLPC project might serve the larger community.

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Do you think the $75 laptop is commercially feasible?