DWTWashington’s governor has signed the first state explicit ban on using SMS while driving, and other states are not far behind in banning DWT (Driving While Texting/Talking).

A legislator proposed the bill after a BlackBerry user caused a five-car pileup on a state highway. Washington State Patrol officers cited cell phones in cars as an increasing problem. DWT is now a traffic offense, which normally carries a $111 fine.

Neighboring Oregon ponders ban teen texting with a $360 fine for under-18 DWT motorists. A Maryland lawmaker is promoting an end to DWT, while other states, D. C. and one Canadian province have bans in place or are considering them. Remember, we’ve noted here before, handsfree phoning is like driving drunk.

Ironically, after voting for California’s ban, a Golden State senator drove her state SUV into another vehicle, while… you guessed it, talking on her cellphone. While Sacramento bans DWT, another state agency plans to use mobile messaging for emergency alerts.

Solution? Add to cell system intelligence. Automate speech to text, and text to speech, while blocking use if GPS shows the car’s moving. It needn’t be in the phone itself; maybe we can get Claire to do it for us.

How can we reach out and touch someone, without crashing? Fess up, though.. do you DWT? Send us some good DWT stories. Join the discussion.