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Since 1995, On-Demand Software Consultants Inc. (ODSC) has been helping companies go e-business. According to ODSC co-founder Ben Sperling, who started the company with his brother Aaron, “IT initiatives can make or break companies.” In its short time running, On-Demand has been able to “make” quite a few. With more than 50 consultants currently on projects, Sperling said customer service is a top priority for the firm.

What is “making” ODSC?
There are essentially two sides to ODSC. The Web development side focuses on:

  • Web application integration and e-commerce
  • Database architecture
  • Design
  • Application development

The other side of ODSC involves staffing and recruiting. The company responds to the staffing needs of its clients by providing both temporary and permanent workers for technical projects.

Holding these two very different sides together is On-Demand’s all-around concern for the client. As it is pledged on the ODSC Web site, “Simply stated, our mission is to solve our client’s business issues with technology, enabling them to increase market share and become the front runner in their industry.”

It seems to be working
Over the last five years, ODSC has acquired such clients as:

  • Oracle
  • Levi Strauss
  • Yahoo
  • GAP
  • Charles Schwab
  • BizBuyer.com

Although both the Oracle and GAP Web sites were already created when ODSC got into the mix, the firm did considerable work on both, including Oracle’s training campus. In the instances of Charles Schwab and BizBuyer.com, however, ODSC was there from the beginning.

Providing quality service for the client is key
ODSC strives to be a one-of-a-kind consultant provider, but what makes it so different from everyone else? One thing that sets the firm apart is that the Sperling brothers believe in good service for the client.

“We are coming from the approach that we are based in Internet technology,” Sperling said. “We are from the South, so we are the home of customer service in regards to really trying to understand the client’s needs.

“How we do that really is that we have a blend of folks here who are very technical but also very effective in communicating and understanding what the client is trying to accomplish,” he continued. “It’s all about asking the right questions and really uncovering what the client is trying to do. And setting the proper expectations upfront, what’s doable and what’s not, letting them know the give and take, like what you need now and what you can put off until later.”
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