On your mark, ready, TechSetGo!

Learn what to study for cert exams and discover whether you've selected the right testing day, all at one site. Mark Kaelin examines TechSetGo, which he says network administrators can use in the never-ending search for technical information.

TechSetGo fills a void
“I won’t lie to you; I suggested the site because it’s mine. It began as a collection of bookmarks that was coveted by my fellow network administrators. Getting tired of sending updated lists to my colleagues, I decided to learn how to put the bookmarks on the Web. One thing led to another, and, in time, TechSetGo! was born. I suggested it to TechRepublic because I believe it meets a need. Network administrators spend too much time wading through Web sites to find the information or files they need. TechSetGo! cuts directly to what a tech is searching for, just like a private list of bookmarks did for me not too long ago,” says TechRepublic member John K.

A list of bookmarks doesn’t come close to describing what TechSetGo has become. The site is a cornucopia of interesting links, downloads, news, and technical information, listed with an eye toward the technically savvy. In the era of the Web Portal, TechSetGo is considered Web Portal “lite.” You’ll find everything from e-mail and chat areas to financial advice and horoscopes. Many of these features are supplied by Looksmart, a third-party content provider. It’s not CNN, but it is sophisticated enough to warrant a look.

Most importantly, none of the extracurricular activities detract from the site’s primary focus—technical information for network administrators. You’ll find certification information, systems and network administration resources, and much more.

What to expect
An excerpt from the TechSetGo About page goes a long way toward explaining the concept:

“TechSetGO! is the collective effort of network specialists, system engineers, desktop specialists, support personnel and many other IT professionals who assert their expertise on a daily basis in the office, in the shop and in the field. Many of our contributors hold certifications including MCP, MCSE, CNA and CNE, as well as certifications from such manufacturers as Compaq, Dell, HP and IBM. Advice can be trusted, as it has been "field tested" and proven under real working conditions.”

Featured on the site are educational and certification resources. There are links to A+Central study guides, Brainbench Certifications, the Cisco Learning Connection, and Cramsession. If you are a network administrator searching for a central location from which to continue your professional continuing education, TechSetGo will fit the bill. Study guides, tests, and other vital information are just a few mouse clicks away.

How does he do it?
TechSetGo is supported by advertising and mutual links with other Web sites, but the banner advertisements contained on each page are displayed with the understatement befitting a professional Web site. The ads are focused directly at the IT professional, which means that they might actually appeal to users rather than annoy them. The mutual links are well organized and almost seamless, which gives TechSetGo content depth to rival many larger, more capitalized sites.

For TechRepublic member John K., TechSetGo is obviously a labor of love. Great care has been taken to make the site useful to IT professionals in all aspects of their lives. The connections that can be made through TechSetGo are too numerous to be listed in this short space, but if you are looking for tech-centered information, TechSetGo is a good place to start.

A business consultant, Mark Kaelin also writes for TechRepublic and Louisville Computer News. For a diversion, he spends time on the softball field or the golf course and listens to rock 'n' roll.

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