Employees greatly value career growth, but they also value the growth of their companies, according to a recent Kimble report. Some 85% of US full-time employees said they care about the growth of the organization they work for, and 86% of employees said they believe they will see more professional growth in an organization that is also growing.

The report surveyed 1,000 full-time US employees to assess how much they value growth in an organization. More than two-thirds (69%) of employees said they would rather work longer hours at a growing organization than regular hours at a stagnant one, the report found.

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Business leaders must take note of just how much employees value growth: More than a quarter (27%) of employees said they quit a job because the company wasn’t growing fast enough. One in five US employees said they would move anywhere in the world if it meant working for an exciting, growing company, the report found.

“In today’s startup heavy ecosystem, it’s no surprise that US employees want to work for growing companies, but the findings from our survey should make stagnant organizations incredibly worried,” said Mark Robinson, co-founder of Kimble Applications, in a press release. “What we know is that employees are eager to help their organizations grow and want to feel like they’re directly contributing to the success of a company. If an organization doesn’t recognize these efforts and communicate corporate growth appropriately, they may experience high employee turnover and in turn, stunt its own growth.”

The majority (86%) of employees said that if the work they do is meaningful to them, then they would be willing to do whatever it takes to help the organization grow and thrive. And 38% of employees agreed that growth begins with the organization’s leadership.

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