OneLogin is both an ambitious and an incredibly powerful App for the enterprise. The goal of the App is to provide a secure way to access your organization’s cloud-based applications with a single sign-on. But it doesn’t stop there. OneLogin is also an identity and access management solution for organizations of all sizes.

The App itself is simple and easy to use. Rather than having to access each web-based cloud app that you use from day to day from within Safari, having to log in to each independently, OneLogin stores all of your applications in a single convenient interface and grants you access to all of your apps once you’ve successfully logged in. OneLogin also supports several security options such as multi-factor authentication, desktop SSO, SSL VPN, Radius, and supports REST API and SAML Toolkits.

When it comes to managing users and storing data, OneLogin provides several options. OneLogin can bind with Active Directory and LDAP directory services allowing credentials to be stored locally as well as giving IT the ability to control access, add and remove users, and manage applications. OneLogin can also bind to multiple directories, providing a great deal of flexibility for environments that are complex. When directory services are restricted or unavailable, OneLogin offers a secure solution of it’s own while storing your data using 128 bit AES data encryption.

OneLogin has partnered with an impressive amount of cloud services to bring access to thousands of cloud applications such as DropBox, Google Docs, SalesForce, Sugar CMS, WebEx, and Yammer to name a few and there are several more on the way. Additionally OneLogin will be adding several new features down the road such as better LDAP integration, mobile notifications and administration, and stronger 256 bit AES encryption.

You can sign up for a free trial of OneLogin here and find more information on their website at