lists more than 40,000 IT positions organized by 18 vertical skill sets and 19 major metropolitan markets. More than 4,000 companies have posted jobs to the site—not only Internet start-ups but also big names like Cisco Systems, IBM, Microsoft, and Oracle. More than 100,000 IT professionals have posted their resumes.

Developed by Atlanta-based IT pros in 1995, recently was selected by Yahoo! Internet Life magazine as one of the 100 Best Sites for 2001. The magazine said it has a “well-designed interface,” and it “scores big for upwardly mobile techies.”

But the main reason the site is noteworthy for consultants is because it offers a special online area called the Consultant’s Corner where you can promote your services for free. More than 7,000 independent contractors and consultants have signed up to date. I’ll tell you how to promote your services in the Consultant’s Corner and how you can search the site’s database for available project work that fits your expertise.

Create a profile to promote your services
If you want your services listed, click the Consultant’s Corner link on the home page and then click on Add Or Modify Your Profile in the Hang Your Shingle Here box. After you fill out and submit the registration form, you’ll be led to a page with a link labeled Add A Consultant Profile. Click that link to begin building your profile.

Because Consultant’s Corner is designed for independent consultants, asks you to affirm not only that you accept contract jobs but also that you can begin working on projects immediately. Information you can note in your profile includes your major and secondary skill areas, your experience with specific technologies, and the services you offer. You can also list your years of experience, references, certifications, pay rate, willingness to travel, billing practices, incorporation status, project preferences, and employee or client information.

The staff reviews each submission to Consultant’s Corner. “Because your profile must pass a fairly stringent quality assurance process, be sure to complete the forms thoroughly,” the online instructions note. “If we elect not to accept your submission, we’ll provide you with a short note explaining why.”

Searching the site’s databases
When project managers search the site for consultants they might want to hire, they can select from more than a dozen major skill areas, including AS/400, database systems, e-commerce, ERP, hardware/electrical engineering, legacy systems, quality assurance, and technical writing. Managers also can perform “power searches” that let them indicate the skill area, location, pay rate, years in business, and travel preferences of the consultants they’re looking for.

Anyone who hires you through the site will be allowed to rate your services. If you’re unhappy with a rating, provides a mediation process that lets you tell your side of the story.

If you want to search for jobs, you can drill down through the categories (selecting a city, a skill area, and so on) or use the site’s profile-matching feature. Once you set up your parameters, you’ll see an updated list of jobs that fit your criteria each time you visit your My Career page on the site. You even can do side-by-side comparisons of up to three jobs.

But if you’re interested in listing your services on, don’t procrastinate. According to the site, postings in Consultant’s Corner are available at no charge only for a limited time.

Thomas Pack is a freelance technology reporter.

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