Berners-Lee, the founder/creator of the world wide web has warned that

the efforts of some companies in the US to have legislation

changed–could curb net neutrality.  This is the latest of many concerns

to be aired on the subject of net neutrality; infrastructure providers

who have invested heavily in creating an open and interconnected

infrastructure (which make up the internet as we know it) want to take a

share of revenues generated by companies who use it to deliver their

services–a Verizon executive recently said in a Washington Post report

that Google and other internet based businesses shouldn’t expect to

enjoy a “free lunch” on its pipes!  Service providers want to be able to

charge companies to receive a higher bandwidth allocation, therefore

meaning that the consumer can enjoy a higher quality of service from

them–they claim that without this source of revenue there is no

incentive for the service providers to perform expensive upgrades and

invest in new infrastructure.  The other side of the argument is that

these companies already receive income from their broadband customers to

support this infrastructure–it’s also argued that such quality of

service adjustments destroy both the neutrality of the internet and the

potential for new start-up internet firms who would not be able to

compete with the established giants if such a policy cam in to place.

This is a hot topic and one which will effect us all sooner or later! 

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