I have been reading recently about Google possibly infusing cash into OpenOffice to compete with Microsoft Office and I think that is hilarious. How can OpenOffice ever compete with Microsoft Office? Have you downloaded OpenOffice and tried to seriously work with it? The idea is bold but Microsoft Office is so much more than just a few programs to write documents and create slides. It is the core – so many of Microsoft’s products revolve around Office. If you are going to take on the big dog, don’t shoot for the moon. It doesn’t make much business sense.

The only large corporation that I know of that has switched from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice (StarOffice) is Sun Microsystems and the city of Munich. Nobody else is budging. I hear rumors of an open source OpenOffice revolution and this can be validated by how many venture capitalists are funneling money into open source startups. Just like the dot com bust and the housing bubble, I see an open source bubble. Can you say pop?

What is your take?