A proof of concept virus effecting OpenOffice an StarOffice has been

created.  The virus is apparently purely proof of concept and has no

harmful intent, it simply loads a picture from the internet.  Macro

viruses have become much less common than in previous years, however

there has been a recent case of a trojan attacking via a flaw in

Microsoft Word (http://www.securityfocus.com/brief/213).

This proof of concept virus is the most recent of quite a few which have

targeted Linux and Mac OS X


these platforms had been considered as pretty safe from the evil virus

writers who concentrated their efforts on Windows (an easy target).  As

more users move to these other platforms, it’s only natural that virus

writers will start to shift their efforts.

As previously discussed

there are many good anti-virus engines available for these platforms so

there’s no need to go without protection.