OpenVZ, the open-source virtualization project, will be adding support for the Linux variant Ubuntu.

An excerpt from TechWorld:

OpenVZ users will be able to download and customize the templates, allowing the quick deployment of either desktop or server instances. For example, a Web server could be optimized for Web-server tasks, or a desktop template could be equipped with applications of the organization’s choice.

“We wanted to give our users a fast, easy way to deploy Ubuntu in a virtualized environment,” said OpenVZ project manager Kir Kolyshkin.

Like the Xen hypervisor, OpenVZ is an open-source virtualization technology developed by Parallels (earlier known as SWsoft). OpenVZ supports OS level virtualization and paravirtualization, which allows user to split their physical server into servers running Xen, and then run OpenVZ on top of those virtual servers.

OpenVZ has been in the market for more than two years now.