Opera has released Dragonfly — a set of Web development tools for debugging Web pages — under the BSD license.

The tools available include a JavaScript Debugger, DOM and CSS Inspectors, Error Console and Command Line. The DOM and CSS Inspectors enable the user to examine DOM properties and CSS rules associated with each HTML element. Editing the DOM and CSS directly will become possible later.

With the JavaScript Debugger, the user can set breakpoints and examine their code line by line to ensure their applications are functioning properly. The Error Console captures the exact location of errors, further improving the user’s ability to debug, by allowing them to view, filter and log errors.

Opera claim the software will always be up-to-date with the Auto Update feature, which updates Opera Dragonfly automatically when a new version is released.

Dragonfly is freely available for download within the latest version of Opera 9.5 beta 2 at
http://www.opera.com/download — OS X users will need to use this build.