The well-established Norwegian browser firm, Opera, released a new version of its stripped-down cell phone client, Opera Mini 4 this week. I don’t see why they label it Beta; it’s a solid product, and it may be had with a straight-to-smartphone download link, including Symbian (still the top smartphone OS worldwide) and Palm, and a ZIP file to install on the Blackberry.

They’ve even made a stab at the obligatory ‘Mac v PC’ styled video.

The key here is saving bandwidth, saving bucks. One review noted a NY Times page, 660KB in size, squeezed down to an 85KB download, and a BBC 270KB page arrived using only 40KB of data. This can be very good, for has noted:

…there’s no easy way to know how much data will be loaded every time you click on a link, and speculative searching can easily bring up many hundreds of kilobytes of high resolution graphics per page. Then there’s the sheer noise of modern network-aware applications. With probes for updates, new emails, IM contacts, VoIP calls and so on, a reasonably well equipped installation can be sending and receiving many tens of kilobytes a minute even if nothing’s apparently happening — and if an auto-update is triggered, tens of megabytes can appear unbidden.

Saving on cellular data bills might make IT folks look good and shiny, indeed.

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