The TechRepublic iOS App Builder Blog has been live for about a month now and we are looking to expand our coverage by adding more paid contributing bloggers. We are looking for contributors to the iOS App Builder Blog willing to commit to a recurring writing assignment at our standard rate of compensation. That’s a stringent requirement I know, so give it some thought before you take the next step.

The topics covered by each blog post will range from basic tutorials on how to install, configure, and use XCode to advanced, best-practice coding techniques used by experienced application developers. We will also cover topics dealing with app design and suggestions for marketing apps. The emphasis will be on applications designed for SMBs and enterprises.

If you have the interest, knowledge, expertise, and time to contribute to the TechRepublic iOSApp Builder Blog, contact me using the Contact Link in the bio section at the bottom of this post. Use the subject line “I want to be a TechRepublic contributor” so I’ll be sure to see it. Include in your email a brief description of your iOS App development expertise.