In a survey that included 500 businesses that have less than 100 employees, 84% of them saw an increase in new business activity as a result of increased mobile marketing efforts. Of those surveyed, only 26% of businesses had a mobile-friendly website. 14% of those surveyed had only a standalone website with only a basic layout designed for mobile phones specifically.

Are you or your business looking to invest in mobile presence? Are you looking to provide better customer services to existing customers or looking to attract more local clientele? Statistics have clearly shown that small businesses that introduce their products and services in a mobile-enhanced way have a huge competitive advantage when trying to attract local customers.

Google recently announced that 50% of all mobile search that is happening is local. This includes both browser-based search as well as through apps. So how can you optimize existing apps to take advantage of this huge volume of queries from your mobile consumers?

Introducing Artisan

Considered a first-of-its-kind solution, Artisan is a revolutionary optimization platform that transforms static native mobile apps into dynamic marketing channels. The tool empowers marketers, publishers and other non-technical professionals to create, test and customize user experiences of native apps by enabling the tracking of user interaction gestures using a powerful analytics platform. Users can access deep app insights such as user behaviour while also offering A/B/n multivariate testing by delivering multiple user interfaces and flows instantaneously.

Professionals no longer need to learn how to code when working with Artisan. The platform simplifies app control in the mobile space and speeds up the mobile app iteration process helping drive adoption, engagement, conversions and ultimately, revenue for small businesses that are not in a position to invest in costly mobile app development.

Optimize with Compuware Gomez

As a small business, each customer experience matters. How though can you determine individual customer experiences and keep them happy? The Compuware Gomez suite of solutions is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution that helps optimize your web, mobile and cloud applications and helps measure performance across all users, locations and devices. Compuware Gomez is able to pinpoint scalability and performance problems down to a specific line of code. This helps to rapidly isolate, diagnose and optimize application performance on code level.

Whether you downloaded an app from Google Play or the App Store, Compuware Gomez optimizes your app on all devices, transactions and browsers, so you never have to worry about compatibility issues again. A browser-based, real-user monitoring capability helps correlate performance with business impact and customer satisfaction.

Measure, analyze and optimize with Adobe SiteCatalyst

Adobe offers a mobile analytics and powerful optimization solution for mobile websites, apps and campaigns to increase user engagement and conversion rates. The Adobe SiteCatalyst measures native mobile applications across the leading smartphone device platforms. It identifies a wide range of mobile devices via a global device library. Adobe SiteCatalyst helps increase mobile content relevance through automated personalization, segmentation and targeting.

Users can also deliver optimized rich media that includes dynamic multitouch and gesture features together with personalized user experiences that make it possible to change content without releasing updates through the app stores.

More and more consumers are turning to the mobile Web and as a small business owner, you job is to enable everything possible for mobile consumers to easily interact with you and provide a great user experience.

What are you doing to enable a better user experience in your business mobile space? Share your comments below.