Oracle kicked off the 2016 OpenWorld conference in San Francisco on Monday with a very clear theme–the cloud. The company debuted more than 20 new products and services for the Oracle Cloud Platform, but what stuck out was the company’s focus on intelligent apps, containers, and analytics.

The intelligent apps will be formally known as Adaptive Intelligent Applications, and will leverage data and insights found in Oracle’s Data Cloud, according to a press release. The goal of the apps is to improve productivity by recommending custom actions for the user. The apps will be able to take in data from a business and its users to offer more targeted suggestions.

“There is a huge opportunity to monetize digital business through machine learning applications and analytics, and Oracle’s large corpus of data, strong expertise in data science, massive compute power, industry and domain expertise, and breadth of application solutions make it well-suited to be a leader in the quickly growing space,” Constellation Research analyst Ray Wang said in a press release.

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The intelligent apps were one of the many new SaaS offerings unveiled by Oracle at the event. The company also debuted new cloud solutions for customer engagement, revenue management, students, human capital, IoT, and supply chain management.

Oracle also announced its Oracle Analytics Cloud suite, which provides “a high performance analytic processing infrastructure at scale; a broad suite of tools for data preparation, discovery, visualization and collaboration; a pre-packaged suite of domain-specific machine learning models; packaged best-practice analytic key performance indicators (KPIs) to run your business; and large scale, curated public data sets all designed for analytics,” a press release stated.

The infrastructure tools include both block and object storage, and more flexible options from HDFS and Oracle Database, along with elastic analytics from Hadoop, Spark, and Kafka. Pre-built analytics will help specific industries get started more quickly with data processing, and users can share ideas on best practices through the Oracle Cloud, the press release said.

“Oracle Analytics Cloud embraces the emerging hybrid data management and analytics architecture, delivers self-service data access and analysis, and will embed cognitive/AI functionality,” Dan Vesset, a group vice president at IDC, said in a release. “These capabilities make the company well positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity.”

Additionally, Oracle bolstered its cloud infrastructure offerings with a host of new products, most notable of which being the Oracle Container Cloud Service. Oracle described it as a “Docker-compatible way to deploy application stacks with a single click.” It provides registry integration, application orchestrion, scheduling and more.

Another big announcement was the unveiling of Oracle Database 12c Release 2 by Oracle executive chairman and CTO Larry Ellison. The new database will be available cloud first, and is the foundation of the firm’s new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering.

The 3 big takeaways for TechRepublic readers

  1. Oracle is launching new intelligent cloud apps called Adaptive Intelligent Applications, that will provide custom recommendations for users based on their specific industry.
  2. The new Oracle Analytics Cloud suite provides infrastructure and processing tools to make analytics easier for users.
  3. Oracle is also going after containers with new Docker-compatible Container Cloud Service, geared toward developers.