I have a new article on OTN. Making the Most of SQL Developer Reports.

The article walks through creating both very simple and somewhat complex reports. It also covers adding bind variables, customizing the bind dialog and creating drill down reports.

SQL Developer has a lot of report development functionality and I think it will just get better over time. Setup is really minimal (just need to unzip and connect to a database) and if you can write basic SQL you can write basic reports. The more complex SQL you can write, the more complex your reports can get.

There are a lot of users that should never get near a tool like SQL Developer (more for their sanity than anything else) but it’s a great new tool (free at that) for power users and analysts in addition to developers and DBAs.

I also like my mini-bio at the bottom. It’s the first article I’ve had published that mentions my ACE-hood. heh

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