Oracle's Agile PLM gains popularity

I recently spoke to Oracle about their Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, an integrated tool for managing information about a product throughout its lifecycle.

I recently spoke to Oracle about their Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solution, which has crowned them the leader in the PLM market -- or so they kept on repeating. Here is some information on what it is and how it can be of benefit to an enterprise:

* After its acquisition and integration of Agile Software Corporation, Oracle has been able to provide an integrated PLM solution for enterprises. PLM refers to the management of a product through the different stages in its lifecycle, from the initial concept to disposal.

* Oracle's Agile PLM provides a set of technologies for companies with a large collection of products that can be complex to manage. The solution helps companies manage information related to their products, such as customers, costs, suppliers, manufacturing, design, service, compliance and new products.

* Product information is usually dispersed across different global systems. Oracle’s Agile PLM supports collaboration between these systems and protects sensitive information with attribute-level security.

* Integration with other crucial systems such as CRMs, ERPs and CAD is also a feature of this PLM solution.

* Oracle has focused on specific industries such as foods, electronics, medical, aerospace and automotive, thus providing industry-specific expertise to companies operating in these sectors.

Overall this integrated PLM solution is meant to simplify product management throughout its lifecycle and consequently lets enterprises improve efficiency and deliver better quality products.

Is that really how it works? What experiences have you had with Oracle products beyond their database offerings? Let us know in the comments below.

-- Posted By Lana Kovacevic