Consultants and project managers are constantly searching for effective tools to manage tasks, and many have settled on Microsoft Project as their weapon of choice. TechRepublic articles on Microsoft Project are often well received by members, who tell us that the more help they can receive with Project, the better.

With that in mind, we recently asked TechRepublic members to send us their tips and suggestions on making the most of Microsoft Project. We received a great Project template from Sanjay Suvarna, Quality Assurance Manager with NetGalactic Internet Solutions, an application development and consulting firm based in Bangalore, India.

The template allows you to track work on complex application development projects using a modular “skeleton.” Users can add or delete modules based on their needs. Also included is a section for general tasks, phased implementation, and quality assurance testing. It’s presented in a Gantt chart, but you can switch to any of Project’s screens to suit your needs.

(Note: You’ll need a copy of Microsoft Project to use this download.)

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