Ottobock Healthcare is pushing the boundaries of human technology integration

From microprocessor-controlled knees to computer-controlled socks, Aaron Holm, Manager for Consumer Engagement, Ottobock Healthcare, discussed how technology is changing bionics and orthotics at SXSW.

Ottobock Healthcare talks bionics and human/machine integration at SXSW

SXSW 2018 was packed with innovation and ideas. TechRepublic's Teena Maddox spoke with Ottobock's Manager for Consumer Engagement, Aaron Holm about the future of bionics and orthotics. The following is a transcript of the interview.

"Ottobock is a hundred-year-old company, that is a world leader in orthotic and prosthetic medical devices, creating mobility for individuals who may have lost a limb or have lost use of a body part.

"Basically the future...human intelligence and integration of products and computers and technology into body parts, basically, prosthetics and orthotic devices. The industry has seen just an influx in incorporation of technology into our products. So we fell right at home here at SXSW.

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"The knees that I'm wearing right now are microprocessor-controlled knees. We have very sophisticated upper-extremity prosthetics as well. And on the orthotic side, we have a product called a C-Brace, that's based off of the prosthetic technology that I'm wearing, that allows somebody that has lost the ability to ambulate own their own, the ability to ambulate with the use of a C-Brace.

"Making it safer and making people more mobile and allowing them to get out of the house and get back to work and function as they did prior to the loss or the injury."

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