For the fourth straight year, TechRepublic has partnered with training provider Global Knowledge to conduct one of the largest and most comprehensive surveys of IT professionals. As always, our goal is to measure the current state of IT compensation, job satisfaction, and the development of important skills. The result is our 2011 IT Skills And Salary Report, which is available as a free PDF download for TechRepublic members (registration required).

This year’s survey reflects the fact that the global economy is seeing uneven job growth and recovery, as the average salary of the 12,000 IT professionals we surveyed was $79,579 — down 3.2% from our 2010 survey ($82,115). At the same time, most of the different types of benefits — from PTO to health insurance to 401k — were also down a few percentage points from 2010.

However, it’s also important to keep these decreases in perspective. The average salary is still up 8% from our 2008 survey ($73,900). In terms of benefits, many of those (especially health care) took a jump in 2010, so they may just be settling down a little bit from those leaps.

There’s also a lot more information in this survey beyond just the big compensation numbers (right). Some of the highlights include:

  • Salary by primary job function
  • Salary by job role
  • Salary by industry
  • Salary by region
  • Salary by certification
  • Job satisfaction stats and details
  • Stats on promotions
  • Correlation between training/certification and salary
  • Feelings about current compensation level

As you look at the data in our 2011 survey, remember that salaries vary greatly based on industry, geography, and especially the number of years on the job. Basically, that means that some of you are going to compare yourselves to the averages in this report and be disappointed. However, before you go demanding a raise from your boss, make sure you network with some other IT pros in your area to get a better idea of what the going rates are in your local market.