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Our search feature now has a wider scope and better organization

When you're looking for information on a specific topic, do you want to read an article or a column? A product review or a download file? We've improved our search feature to allow you to do all of the above.

One of the best new features of the latest version of TechRepublic’s Web site is the expanded and improved search function. The Search feature appears at the top of almost every TechRepublic page. Now when you’re looking for help with a training problem, networking breakdowns, or staffing issues, it will be easier to find what you want and you’ll have a wider range of results to read.

More ways to search, more results to peruse
With this new version, you can now find the search tool near the top of the screen, front and center. You can search using one or two words, or you can do a search by topic category. If you do a search with one or two words, click in the Search TechRepublic box and type in your topic. After you run a search, the results will show you a list of three examples from each of these types of content:
  • Articles
  • Columns
  • Discussions
  • Downloads
  • IT News
  • Reviews
  • Technical Q&A
  • TechProGuild (our subscription-based site)

At the end of each category listing is the More Reviews link, which gives you the full list of reviews related to your search.

You also can hit Jump to Results on the right navigation bar to look at only one type of result. You can sort these results by date and relevance as well.

If you would like to search by topic, you have these categories to choose from:
  • Certification and training
  • Database management
  • E-business
  • Enterprise applications
  • Infrastructure
  • Management issues
  • Network administration
  • Outsourcing and consulting
  • Project management
  • Software—Desktop
  • Software—Server
  • Support/Help desk

If you use this type of search, a list of 10 articles will appear, followed by a link to browse other articles. You can sort these results by date or by title. If you sort by title, you’ll get an alphabetical list, with an alphabet listed at the top of the results that allows you to jump to any letter you choose.

These improvements to the search function will allow you to search everything on the site related to your topic of interest, giving you a comprehensive picture of the information that’s available.

What do you think?
What is good and what could be better about the new version of TechRepublic? Send us an e-mail with your comments and constructive criticism.


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